'90s Racing In Black & White # 1
images by dean adams

'No, you ain't gittin' a chair, sit down!'. Scott Russell and Anthony Gobert listen while Gary Medley calmly suggests someone doesn't know what the hell they are talking about. December 1996, Daytona.

John Britten's novel fork design. Daytona 1991.

Dirt tracker Jay Springsteen raced a too large GSX-R at Daytona once.

Ducati before Ferracci, even. Rino Leoni at Daytona. Note NCR shirt. 1992.

'Domain name?! Why would I want to buy a domain name?' The first computer laptops hit the pit lane.

Valentino who? Future MotoGP stand in Wataru Yoshikawa tests the YZF at Daytona.

'no strangers to love ...' In the early 1990s Honda Britain brought some Rick Astley flair--and water guns--to Daytona.

Shawn Renfrow decides that he'll let Gary Mathers do this push start if it's all the same. Tom Kipp's RC30.

With an 'interesting interpretation of the rulebook' methodology, Muzzy Kawasaki's Gary Medley built a Kawi 600 engine that held the unofficial track record at Daytona for five years.

The always photogenic Niall Mackenzie, Daytona 1992.

Korkie Ballington, ex GP racer turned Kawasaki team manager at Daytona.

You want a bent RC45 wheel, Minnesota? Bob Hale, Mike Hale, Bob Weindorf. The hand-pounded aluminum tank awaits its Horseshoe fate.

Mr. Daytona. Mr. Brother in law. Mr. Polen Toes.

Daytona 200 winner Dave Sadowski tested the VR 1000 Harley at Daytona.

Tom Kipp (Suzuki leathers)'s Yamaha try-out. Colin Edwards II behind him.

Jamie James and Tom Kipp's Yamaha YZF750 Superbikes flank a Thunderbird's fighter group jet.


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