Kenny Roberts American Heroes Benefit Dinner Photos # 1
images by willy ivins

Roberts flicked the Bolt around on the oval.

Two very different machines Roberts used in his racing career sit nose to nose in his private museum. Roberts himself made the frame on the dirt tracker.

Possibly the most unlikely juxtapose of people in one photograph: former dirt track champion Mert Lawwill, former world champion Wayne Rainey, Kurtis Roberts' wife, and that one guy from television, cradling Kurtis' new daughter.

Kurtis Roberts' Erion Honda is also on display in his father's private museum.

On display in KR's private museum: one of Roberts' personal steel shoes, made for him by the late Ken Maely. On the left, the top shock mount for the KR3.

Ah, Kenny, your hand is on MY ASS again. Could you please remove it? KR poses with Paul Collins's daughter.

John Corbett and his band played one night. Before the show the Roberts men posed with the women who are currently putting up with their crap.

250 ace Rich Oliver checks the tuck on a Modenas KR Grand Prix 500.


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