Kenny Roberts American Heroes Benefit Dinner Photos # 3
images by willy ivins

Yep, this must be Roberts' place. Bub's very tasty RZ350 helped set the tone of the track action at the Roberts event. Did he leave the key in it? Not after he heard that Roberts once rode one of these, full bore, into the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Dirt tracker James Monaco showed up at the Roberts event and was startlingly fast with mad skills. For most of us, any time the bike is on the cases and the front wheel is in the air, it's called a bad crash. For Monaco, it's called 'practice'.

A nut grove is nestled against the Roberts short track, aka Hickman Haul Ass Club (thanks, K Vreeke).

250 ace Rich Oliver brought one of his TZ250s down, along with some Mystery School bikes.

Thad Wolff and Oliver raced for many laps.

They were soon joined by King Kenny Roberts on the XR100 and a fierce battle ensued.

Roberts wears his Arai while grooming the track with the Deere. He's all about safety.

Monaco. His laps were a thing of real beauty.

Of course KR has a KR-branded water truck

Wolff and Oliver were at it again. Must have been some epic GoPro footage.

Monaco. Every person with a good eye there were either wondering who the hell this kid was, or grinning because they knew who he was.

Wolff bears down on the TTR in pursuit of Rich and KR.


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