Fiat Yamaha Launches 2008 MotoGP Team
images by wolf jay flywheel

Fiat Yamaha launched their 2008 team today in Turin, Italy.

2008 Yamaha teamsters Rossi and Lorenzo. While outwardly smiling, inside, they want to smash each other to atoms.

Only one man was brave enough to wear the Soup casual raceday attire of jeans and sneakers. Kudos, sir.

Italian television star Simona Ventura. What an incredible coincidence that she's doing the personal naval observatory stuff with so many photographers around.

'Damnit!' wondered Carmelo, 'why do these tiny wet balls of paper keep falling from the ceiling?!?'

Rossi sports a prison haircut as he launches after the '08 MotoGP title.

The team ignores the old showbiz axiom of never performing with dogs or children.

20-year-old Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo is new to the team and to MotoGP. Some people say he looks like a young Bela Lugosi. We are not these people.

Lorenzo points out that this lass is not at the stage of her career when she has to contrive up a skin drop. ... Yet.


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