Yamaha's MotoGP M1 In Focus: Up Close With Spies' Steed, Pt Two
images by dean adams

Meanwhile, behind the garage is the support area for the team. Here Spies' dad, Henry, talks with the team's parts manager. Behind him is the parts warehouse, fuel area.

In each bin are carefully controlled and numbered parts. Each part has an individual number and exact mileage is kept so that a replacement or updated part is at the ready.

Two lonely Ohlins shocks await duty in a carbon pan, two triple clamp assemblies behind them. Also, Yamalube.

In the same way that Julia Child was able to make orgasm-level food with an electric stove and one wooden spoon, a Yamaha MotoGP bike can be maintained with about a dozen tools and three pans. Screen bowls for parts that go to the parts cleaner, sunglasses for when Woodness needs to work it. Carbon fiber bench top--it's a reality.

A set of wheels, some brakes and this bike will go 200mph. Note starter system on far right.

'Okay ladies, our sponsor needs your breasts looking up here.' Note small fuel cell behind very large airbox.

Brembo carbon rotors with aluminum carriers. These are the high mass blend of carbon discs that Spies prefers.


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