Quick Look: '12 Yamaha M1 MotoGP Racer
images by y. amaha

Like Honda, Yamaha released images of the 2012 M1 recently. The first liter MotoGP bike from Brand Y is not that much different from the 800cc M1 or any recent M1, really. Here Spies looks on.

Again not fundamentally different than the 800, just faster and slightly easier to ride.

There was talk that the first versions of the liter M1 were actually lighter than the 800cc version. Yamaha built the bike to weigh in right at the legal limit. Then Dorna raised the weight requirement (allegedly because Ducati could not even get close). Thus, now the M1 carries a lump of lead somewhere so it can 'make weight'.

The M1 has a reputation as the most versatile GP bike on the grid and the liter version has done nothing to harm that. It works well in a variety of conditions and garners accolades from even its rivals.


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