Images of Casey Stoner's Honda RC213V MotoGP Racer
images by dean F adams

Last year at the Indianapolis MotoGP event we asked Honda if we might shoot some photos in the garage and our request was granted. We shot photos of Stoner's bike as his mechanics worked on his other bike. In this image: note just the stands--made from titanium, with the roller-starters in the back of the garage.

Throttle side clip on of Stoner's Honda RC213V MotoGP bike. Other than the--typical for HRC--better than aerospace level of cooltastic, note the short Brembo brake lever and curved MotoGP-mandated lever guard. The lever is short because Stoner prefers a shorter lever. The lever is windowed on the end not for weight savings or for breakaway in a crash but because the bike's 215mph top speed can cause minimal brake lever drag in some situations. A slot in the lever stops this. Beautiful carbon air tube under the bodywork.

Casey's seemingly very busy Honda RC213V MotoGP office. At least three mapping systems (traction control/wheelie control/engine map, we assume) can be seen. His Honda RC213V MotoGP office has sticky notes for suspension settings, a Brembo brake adjuster and oddly seems to be missing a horn.

The rear of Stoner's Honda RC213V MotoGP bike, with an HRC fellow glaring at us (not shown). The tackle jutting off the back of the bike are for Dorna's TV ECU and camera. Carbon fiber tail, of course, with a cooling duct so the ECU does not get toasty. Beautiful.

Right side of Casey Stoner's Honda RC213V MotoGP. This example has a non adjustable swing arm pivot, adjustable footpegs and a frame made from al-you-minimum. That this bike has to exist in the same paddock as some road-oiler CRT bike is a tragedy.

Rear of a second, different, Stoner Honda RC213V MotoGP bike. The HRC exhaust, as usual, is a work of art. Here one can also see the transponder for timing and scoring, tire temp sensors, the pressure sensor for the quick shifter and what we assume is the rear wheel speed sensor. Note that on this Stoner Honda RC213V MotoGP bike the left footpeg is not adjustable.

Brembo brakes, Ohlins front suspension. These brake calipers have the pad spreaders still installed as there is not a brake disc present. If the spreader or a disc is not installed the brake pads can fall out. Suspension travel sensors, and a brake rotor temp sensor can also be seen.

About as far away as one can get from rabbit ears on a portable TV: the audio/video transmission antenna for the TV feed on Stoner's Honda RC213V MotoGP. Data link for ECU system also visible, a port for updating system or perhaps firmware. Carbon fiber work rivals anything seen in F1.

A better look at the dash area on Stoner's 2012 Honda RC213V MotoGP bike. The anodized magnesium top triple clamp may look like it was styled by the Zodiac Killer, but that's actually what some parts look like when they come out of a CNC machine. Anodized and rough surfacing really brings the room together. Titanium cap bolts actually allow the clip ons to be adjusted fore and aft. Everywhere HRC's incredible attention to detail: small carbon shroud under the steering head, tiny rubber seal protecting the steering head bearings, and custom plastic cap atop the steering stem. 'H' decal on the dash hints at ownership, shift lights atop the dash, HRC sweat bands on the master cylinders because they work. Thanks to Honda MotoGP for putting up with us.


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