From The Days When We All Had More Hair On Our Heads Than On Our Backs: '90s GPs
images by jim mcdermott

Biaggi seemed fairly approachable at Jerez, posing for pix and chatting with other racers, including Capirossi. In this photo, he's having a post race discussion with German 250 ace Ralf Waldmann.

I seem to recall that Luca Cadalora ran an unprecedented Michelin/ Dunlop tire combo at Jerez, due to longevity and grip issues he was having with the Dunlops. Can you imagine ANY rider, even Rossi, running a combination of Bridgestone and Michelin tires in today's championship? Not bloody likely.

Previous to this race, the only time I had seen Wayne Rainey in the flesh was during his parade lap at the 1994 USGP, riding in the back of a convertible - and that was thru binoculars. Up close, Wayne was super nice and talkative, even though my nervous babbling should probably prompted a call to security.

Ahh, a real man's privateer bike, the ROC chassis Yamaha. Under the right rider, a podium finish was a possibility. Unfortunately, the right rider never got on the thing. The best non-factory bike out there, even the Marlboro guys tried this frame for a few races.

Try as he might, Chaka was unable to convince Will & Holly that when filleted, the Sleestak actually made for delicious grilling.

I don't have any good photos of Doohan from the 90's, they're blurry and out of focus, and Mick is scowling at me in all of them. So I figured, at least the Arai guy won't beat me up if I take a picture of Doohan's helmet.

Salutations from Mr. Biaggi. I had a hat just like this in the 80's, bought it because Paul Simenon from The Clash wore one. Then I realized that double chins and berets don't mix, unless you're working security at Kentucky Fried Chicken, so I sold it.

People forget that Luca Cadalora won the 1994 USGP.


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