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The Go-Show at Imola, 1997. Great expectations (and a fair bit of smack talk directed at Mick Doohan) came to nothing after Gobert was booted off the team. Ironic, isn't it - the Lucky Strike logos on his leathers are taped over, to conform with rules banning tobacco advertising.

Erv The K working on Biaggi's bike, Imola GP 1997.

It's hard not to look at Anthony Gobert related photos from the nineties and not get bummed. His tenure on the Suzuki lasted only a few races.

The late Norick Abe at Imola, 1997.

Carlos Checa, who doesn't seem to have aged in the 12 years since this photo was taken, despite an epic number of crashes in the interim. Perhaps he sold his soul, and there's a painting of him in an attic somewhere that takes the beating, a la 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray'.

Schwantz's bike on pitlane, Laguna Seca 1994. Kevin didn't race the event due to injury.

Doohan's 1994 NSR 500, the bike he won his first championship on, Laguna Seca.

Tetsuya Harada's (sole) championship winning Yamaha 250, Laguna Seca 1994. Harada would have also won the title in 1998, had Capirossi not nerfed him off his Aprilia at the final round in Argentina.


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