Classic Yamaha Images # 1
images by Thanks, Mike Guerra and Yamaha

Japanese Factory Yamaha rider Hideo Kanaya was Kenny Roberts' teammate for the 1976 Daytona 200. Kanaya competed in several 200s during the mid-70s.

Film, we sort of miss it. Kenny Roberts on the grid for the F750 race at Laguna Seca in 1978.

At the San Jose Mile in 1978, Roberts enjoys a Coke, and a smile from Miss Camel Pro Lynn Griffis, while mechanic Nobby Clark tends to KR's Yamaha XS650/750 flat tracker.

Belgium, 1978. Roberts' first year in 500 GP, and he unleashes the mosquito fogger on his mighty YZR500. Note the not great safety efforts of straw bales and photographers standing nearly on the track.

Daytona, 1977. Kenny confers with Bud Aksland (left) and Kel Carruthers (right) before the start of the 200.

Kenny Roberts leads Venemotos Yamaha rider Johnny Cecotto during the 1976 Daytona 200, with Steve Baker right on Cecotto's tail.

Roberts races the Yamaha TZ250 in the 1976 Daytona International Lightweight (250GP) race.

Assen, 1978. Cecotto narrowly leads Kenny Roberts, and that's how the race would end, with the Yamaha riders finishing first and second, respectively. Note the fans in the trees, also, note the fans.


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