The Golden Era of Win Ads #4
images by Word Python

A win ad from Wayne Rainey's epic 1983 AMA Superbike title.

Eddie Lawson in a Yamaha ad from 1988.

Danny 'Magoo' Chandler in a win ad for the old 'Superbikers' TV race.

Freddie Spencer in a Honda ad celebrating his double world title in 1985.

Suzuki featured Terry Vance in a win ad in 1981.

Another win ad from Rainey's 1983 championship with Kawasaki.

Five time F-1 champion Mike Baldwin in a Honda ad from the early 80s which speaks to the contentious atmosphere in US racing back then.

Yamaha used 250 ace John Kocinski in this win ad.

Honda's Daytona win ad from 1984.

Yamaha made a PSA-style ad about their 1988 USGP on-track activities.

Honda's ad for a mail in offer to win prizes, such as a Freddie Spencer puzzle.

Scott 'Z-Man' Zampach in a Yamaha ad. Zampach won the title in the late 1980s.


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