Images from Wroom Ducati MotoGP Launch 2013 # 1
images by Gaber Kerzisnik

Hello and welcome to Wroom 2013. Held in the Italian dolomites (or commonly referred to as the 'sodomites' if you don't get an invite), Wroom welcomes both F1 and MotoGP press to the Marlboro-sponsored teams' new season introduction.

Journos and PR men took shelter in this dwelling, where assuredly the former declared open season on any mini-bar they could access.

Ducati's 2013 MotoGP team will feature four true factory bikes instead of two factory and two 'spare parts' machines.

Hayden and Dovi come to terms with the fact that in the final stages of hypothermia one tears off their clothes and runs naked in the snow until they die.

The sponsorship for Spies' GP13 comes from America.

Audi brought along some of their econo-boxes to shuttle people around in the snow. 'Hey, what's this button do?'

Ducati held a photo shoot outside in the snow. Shots like this raise the amperage of every ex-ice racer with a dream of 240 horsepower on studs.

Send a Texan to snow country and this is the facial expression he will display. 'There's... there's ... dandruff falling from the sky...'

The 2013 Ducati MotoGP team at the ready. Vitto Guareschi smiles the smile of a man who came from the previous regime that failed, but still managed to keep his job. For now?


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