Images from Wroom Ducati MotoGP Launch 2013 # 2
images by Gabor Kerzisnik

Soup, a site which makes a great deal more sense when viewed at a function with a near unlimited supply of alcohol. We're told.

Since it was a near blizzard we tried to get Hayden to come with us and find a place to recreate the Hoth cave scene from Return of the Jedi. 'Lets not and say we did,' he suggested.

Italian hotel minibar.

Dovi' will run this bold new graphic as his racing number in 2013.

Nick Hayden will again run the number 69, his father's number, one chosen so you could still make it out when the bike was on its side.

Ducati will head to the Sepang test next month with the intent of confirming where they are in terms of chassis and engine, and building from there. Also, look--side number plates are back ... right under the rider's leg.

A fun activity for the media to watch was when Ducati had their riders play out a scene from the '70s film 'Alive'. Riders played Uruguayan rugby players stranded in the Andes after a plane crash. Hey, it was better than the dancers and balloons from a few years ago.

Spies comes to terms with the decision that because he was hired last he will be eaten first.


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