Images from Wroom Ducati MotoGP Launch 2013 # 3
images by Gabor Kerzisnik

Marlboro factory Ducati riders Hayden and Dovi' encouraged the photographer to 'explore the studio space' at the Wroom event in the Italian mountains.

What is it, again, that they say about a man with big feet?

Eager to let their Twitter followers know of every new development, Ducati riders can store their mobile phone in the deep frame recess of the GP13.

The menu for the media dinner. Hey--isn't that just fancy 'Kraft dinner'?

The exquisite feed bag function also came with a personal loaf of bread for each attendee. None were thrown, of course.

The GP13 won't be much different than the GP12 raced last season. While critics say the bike is flawed and needs an exorcist, others feel a more healthy working environment behind the machine--minus the pressure of the Rossi mania--may pay early dividends.

It makes for good humor when you throw a Texan in the snow and blowing cold.

The stadium seating arrangement for the media came in handy when the lions broke from their cages and began to attack members of the fourth estate. At the pivotal moment the lions looked to Paolo Scalera for judgement and he gave the thumbs down, thus most were devoured.


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