Statement from Anthony Gobert

July 12, 1998

For Immediate Release

Anthony Gobert was declined issuance of an FIM license for the 1998 Superbike World Championship round at Laguna Seca, based on a urine sample collected and tested approximately two weeks ago, which detected the presence of marijuana.

Says Anthony, "I was wrong. Just plain wrong. I did have a bit of a smoke after Loudon, in celebration, which I didn't realize would be considered a serious problem by the FIM. I would never do it before or during a race, because racing is everything to me, and I know I have disappointed a lot of people, most of all my fans and my team. But more than that, I am personally devastated about all this. I never thought this would happen. I hope everyone will chalk this up to a true mistake in judgment and give me another chance to bring home a championship for Terry Vance, Vance and Hines and Ducati."

Anthony's mother and manager, Sue Gobert, reported that Anthony was shattered by the turn of events at Laguna. She noted that, when they were advised of the test results on Friday before practice, Anthony immediately requested a urine test from an independent local clinic, as his first concern was to confirm that he was absolutely drug-free for his participation in this event. The test was in fact negative. Said Mrs. Gobert, "Anthony's racing career is the single-most important thing in his life. all he wants to do is put this behind him and regain the respect of his fans and fellow racers as the excellent rider and person he really is."