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Windows On GP History

SuperbikePlanet.com is proud to offer these incredible GP art prints. When hung on the wall, these pieces appear less like static art and more like windows on GP history. You literally feel like you're there in person, looking at real Grand Prix machinery and the real men who rode them.

You can look at these colorful prints over and over, and each time, you'll discover more delightful details. Produced in an amazing super-realism style, the race machines depicted are so vividly portrayed that you can almost hear the siren song of the two-stroke Grand Prix engines, smell the heady aroma of pre-mix, and taste the many victories that were achieved.

Produced on acid-free, heavyweight paper stock, the collection consists of three prints. All three pieces are suitable for matting, framing and hanging in a prominent position in your home or shop. They're a must-have for you, as a gift for family and friends who are motorcycle roadracing fans, or for anyone with an appreciation for fine motorsports art.
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1983 Honda NS500—Freddie Spencer's Historic Mount
11.75" x 16.5" Print

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In the annals of Honda racing history the 1983 NS500 holds a very special and much respected berth.

This was the machine that Freddie Spencer used to win both Honda's first 500 GP win in fifteen years and one that he used to topple a giant—Spencer won the world title on this machine by beating King Kenny Roberts and his four-cylinder Yamaha. This title was Honda's first in the 500cc category (the top class before the MotoGP era), and marked the only time in the modern era that a three-cylinder bested the rest of the two-stroke class.

The amazing detail and colors of this print will bring you back time and again to peruse its many charms.
1978 Yamaha YZR500 OW35 - 11.75" x 16.5" Print
(April 20 '15--We have a limited number of SIGNED Roberts prints. First come, first serve. SOLD OUT)
A faithful, lifelike interpretation of the bike that Kenny Roberts rode to the first of his three consecutive World 500cc Championships, this print is an absolute joy to behold. When the mighty OW35 arrived in Europe-resplendent in Yamaha U.S. yellow-and-black livery-Grand Prix motorcycle roadracing was forever changed. As you gaze upon the print, you can study every minute detail and imagine Kel Carruthers feverishly spinning wrenches while he meticulously preps the bike for another win. Full mechanical specs are included, so you'll have a detailed account of the technology that helped Kenny Roberts ride this machine to the championship. In addition, an embossed Proof of Authenticity seal is included.

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1988 Yamaha YZR500 OW98 - 11.75" x 16.5" Print
Eddie Lawson's Marlboro Team Agostini Yamaha is re-created in this print, poised and ready to push-start to life. Every detail of the bike is accurately depicted-from the buttery smooth welds on the expansion chambers and the Deltabox aluminum frame to the intricacies of the brake calipers, power valve assembly, and other parts. Imagine Eddie swinging a leg over the bike and heading out on-track for another race win and another World Championship. Full mechanical specs are included, along with an embossed Proof of Authenticity seal.

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