2023 Rule Book Changes For MotoAmerica


This just in from MotoA:

The biggest change to the rules package for MotoAmerica’s premier class pertains to transmissions. Beginning with the 2023 season, only one set of gearbox ratios will be allowed for the entire season. The ratios can be chosen by the team/individual, but that ratio must remain in place for the entire season. The ratios chosen by the team for the season are separate for each entry but must be decided upon prior to the start of the season (this includes single-event and wild-card entries).

Another big change is the allowance of an “external neutral selection mechanism” (or neutral lockout switch) that allows riders to manually rid their Superbikes of neutral in the transmission shifting order, ala World Superbike rules, to thus eliminate the “false” neutrals that often cause crashes.

As for the other classes, the main change is the allowance of a “main frame and pre-assembled spare frame” for all classes beginning in 2023. The rule, which has already been in place for Superbike, allows teams/riders to use a spare motorcycle once the original chassis has been ruled unusable by the MotoAmerica Technical Director.

“For 2023, the changes, for the most part, have been minimal,” said MotoAmerica COO Chuck Aksland. “In Medallia Superbike, the decision was made to move our machines closer yet to World Superbike rules with the inclusion of the FIM gearbox guidelines. We are happy with the results of the first year of the ‘Supersport Next Generation’ rules, which saw five different manufacturers take wins during the 2022 season. With cooperation from both manufacturers involved, we’ve worked hard to develop technical rules for the Mission King of the Baggers class that we hope will create a more accessible and reliable platform for them. Thank you to Tige Daane, MotoAmerica Technical Director, and Bill Cumbow, AMA Director of International Competition, for their work in finalizing these rules to take us into the next year.”

The 2023 rules package is available for download at https://americanmotorcyclist.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/2023-MotoAmerica-Provisional-Technical-Regulations-v10-10-2022-Final.pdf

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