A Small Private Affair: Dinner at 34s

Kevin Schwantz’s garage.  The ’93 world champion rides his wide variety of motorcycles almost daily.

1993 world champion Kevin Schwantz opened his David-Lee-Roth-level home last night to friends and family.

Sure, it’s cool to have a house so large you can play football on the deck, but Kevin’s garage is the place I usually nest when he opens the castle up.

All the bikes in Kevin Schwantz’s garage are regularly ridden, and seem to be well maintained. The tires on the RG500 streetbike looked a little dated but everything else looked ready to go. Oil was universally clean, fork tubes were kept smooth and there was no dust on any of the seats. Pretty impressive (for a rider) maintenance.

At the end of the night we walked upstairs to his open air bedroom and touched the 500. Spun the rear wheel on the axle. It had to be done.

But to do so we had to stand behind Moto2 rider Matt Pasini who was already doing his ‘on bended knee’ tribute to the 500. Hey! Matty, sit on the bike, we will take your picture!

‘No, he said solemnly, ‘I have too much respect for Kevin to ever sit on his bike.’ He said to do so would be like standing in a podium in church–it’s reserved for those who have made the sacrifice and have earned the position, the legend.

We pushed him, hey, it’s okay (by us) to sit on it. We’re Kevin’s FRIENDS. Plus, Kev’s not here … c’mon.

‘No, you ask to Kevin and then maybe I do,’ he said in broken English.

Later, the temptation (we know it) became too much. When he thought he was alone in the upper level of Schwantz Castle, Pasini set his Coke down on the rug and sat on the RGv500. He tucked in for a second and smiled.

Moto2 rider Matt Pasini prays in the direction of greatness: Schwantz' 500.
Moto2 rider Matt Pasini prays in the direction of greatness: Schwantz’ 500 Dean Adams

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