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SHARK! Brian J Nelson

This afternoon, in Texas, Marc Marquez made the best riders in the world look like they were a group of little fish trailing after a giant shark, chewing on the bloody remains the giant shark let slip out of his jaws.

Some of the faster of the small fish get within sighting distance of the shark. Hence they are able to get the better bits, maybe the surfer’s toes or his swimming trunks. The little fish will meet with the media or their bosses later and discuss how they were quick enough to get the tasty surfer toes or maybe shreds of his swimming suit, maybe parts of the surf board. I bet there are some real stories in those explanations.

But all are fully aware who here today at Austin was the giant man-eating shark.

And who, if they are lucky enough to stay in sight of the shark, can eat the toes.


Willy Ivins


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