May 30 Update: Motojournalism is Dead. AMA Silent on Director of Finance Mark Pennington Death Nearly Two Months Ago

May 30 Update: Motorbike Motojournalism is apparently dead. Not one other media entity has looked into this man’s death at AMA headquarters. AMA Execs and the AMA board seemingly has every AMA employee too terrified to talk to the media and no one else seems to care. There are media entities who salute each other and call themselves “true journalists” when the reality is their journalism is limited to testing bikes and getting a good wheelie shot when the greatest scam ever perpetuated on the motorcycle industry goes on without one question, without one phone call asking why the AMA’s director of Finance would commit suicide in his office over the Christmas/New Years holidays. My sense is that the late Gordon Jennings, Phil Schilling and Joe Parkhurst spit on the ground when modern media entities call themselves motojournalists. — DFA

Fact: Mark Pennington was the AMA’s DIRECTOR OF FINANCE. Mr Pennington held this position for a number of years. He reported to the AMA board of directors and AMA “CEO” Rob Dingman.

Fact: Mr. Pennington passed away on January 3, 2021. He is survived by his wife and three children. Pennington was 59 years old.

Fact: At the time of his death, Mr. Pennington was employed in a top management job at the AMA.

Fact: Pennington, in his position at the AMA, had numerous relationships with AMA members. He oversaw and presented AMA raffle winners with gifts etc, and spoke with members at events such as the Vintage Motorcycle Days. He was one of the few public “faces” of the AMA.

Fact: The AMA has been, for some time, in a financial crisis.

Fact: Mr. Pennington oversaw the AMA’s financial department and had made numerous presentations to the AMA board regarding the AMA’s financial health. Pennington’s presentations were accepted by the AMA board. Additionally, and as referenced in AMA BOD minutes, a third-party accounting firm examined the AMA’s books and approved them.

Fact: Mr. Pennington died on the customary final day of the 2020/2021 Christmas and New Years Day holiday, on Sunday January 3 2021.

Fact: Pennington passed away while at AMA headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio.

Fact: There has been exactly zero communication from the AMA regarding Mr. Pennington’s death; no announcement of his passing or condolences from the AMA to Pennington’s family and friends.

Fact: However, in the same general time period, the AMA has prepared and published news releases regarding the deaths of former AMA board members, AMA racers and other individuals within the motorcycle industry.

Fact: Mr. Pennington’s obituary, prepared by his family, terms that his death was “sudden”.

Fact: I have requested a copy of Mr. Pennington’s death certificate and a copy of the incident report regarding the time and location of his death. Numerous sources close to the AMA suggest that, unfortunately, Mr. Pennington took his own life while at the AMA headquarters in Pickerington.

Fact: Local law enforcement, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said, “that’s the way I remember it” regarding Pennington’s death, which took place approximately two months ago.

If any other facts come to light on this situation they will be published here. Stay tuned. Condolences to Mr. Pennington’s friends and family.



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