Anthony Gobert Rescue Mission Funding Drive Started By Aaron Gobert

Anthony Gobert
Pictured in 2002, Anthony Gobert of Yamaha’s domestic Superbike team. Yamaha

According to his GoFundMe page, Aaron Gobert is seeking funding to seek out and bring back his older brother Anthony Gobert.

Anthony Gobert’s whereabouts are apparently unknown by his family who suggest they have not seen him in years. It’s known that after a series of legal and substance abuse problems Anthony Gobert was homeless, as are several riders of that era.

Aaron Gobert seeks $23,000 via GoFundMe to fund the search. This includes buying a vehicle and travel expenses.

$500 had been raised in the first days of the effort.

Alex Gobert, the youngest of the Gobert brothers, works as a reporter/analyst of the US Supercross series in Australia. There is no mention of Aaron nor Anthony nor the GoFundMe effort on his Twitter page.

Aaron Gobert, Anthony Gobert.

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