Aragon WSBK Test Ends For Ducati: Davies Fast, Melandri In Neck Brace

Daytona 200 winner Chaz Davies. His boss says he will accept nothing less than the championship in 2017. No pressure then. Marco Gudetti
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Test concludes at Aragon for the Racing – Ducati team, next stop: Assen
The day after taking a double podium in Race 2 of the WorldSBK Championship at Aragon (Spain) – with Chaz Davies 1st and Marco Melandri 3rd – the Racing – Ducati team took it back to the track for a one-day, official test.
With several electronics and chassis upgrades to evaluate, Davies and Melandri headed out on track early morning. The Welshman clocked an impressive total of 94 laps, while Melandri (26 laps) didn’t ride in the afternoon after a crash at turn 2 that made him opt for caution, given some pain to the chest and throat.
The Welshman and the Italian posted a personal best of 1:49.536 and 1:50.886 respectively. The Racing – Ducati team will resume action at Assen (Netherlands) on April 28-30.
Chaz Davies ( Racing – Ducati #7) 1:49.536
“Today’s test was so important. I was ready to go at 8:30 and I was the last guy out of the track. We had a lot of items to go through. A new kind of swingarm, which Marco has been already using, but also electronics and suspension settings to improve the traction of the Panigale R. We ticked them all off and they received a good grading from me. We needed such positive introductions to our package after these first few races. I feel that things have taken a positive turn. I’m looking forward to Assen, I’m really motivated.”
Marco Melandri ( Racing – Ducati #33) 1:50.886
“It’s a pity to have ended the test ahead of schedule. I only did three runs, but despite the crash we collected some important feedback regarding the front. Unfortunately I fell at turn 2, without warning, and after that I felt quite sore in the chest and throat. We already ran several checks at the medical center, and we’ll do more once I’ll be back in Italy, but everything seems OK. The doctors made me wear a neck brace just for safety. It should just be a muscle-related problem, so I expect to be up and running a week’s time and 100 percent well ahead of Assen.”

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