Ben Bostrom’s Malibu House Burns To The Ground

"It's all just stuff" Bostrom said of the Malibu fire which destroyed his house.
“It’s all just stuff” Bostrom said of the Malibu fire which destroyed his house.

Last week ex-Superbike champion Ben Bostrom spent a day riding off-road with his brother, Eric and dad. During one of their gas/water/rest stops Ben checked his phone and read numerous messages from his California friends. The messages all basically saying the same thing: Dude, your house is on fire.

While he hasn’t lived in the house for a few years, Ben Bostrom’s Malibu house was where he kept much of his motorcycle and memorabilia collection from his racing career. In the span of a few hours the wind in Malibu changed direction and all that “Ben Stuff” turned to ash. The house, the motorcycles and all the rest.

Ben’s reaction?  Very typical Ben.

“I was having the best ride with my brother and my dad. So, after I read that I just pulled on my helmet and we carried on. A lot of motorcycle racing memories were in the Malibu house but in the end it’s all just stuff. I just kept on riding and enjoyed the day.”

Bostrom and his family have lived in Las Vegas for the past several years

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