All Those Ben Spies Rumors

From that one time.

Ben Spies comeback rumors have percolated since virtually the very day he retired from MotoGP.

Rumors are again spinning near redline based on Spies suggesting on social media that he is again riding motorcycles. Ex-AMA Superbike champ, World Superbike champion, MotoGP rookie of the year and MotoGP race winner Spies is rumored to be considering racing MotoAmerica or several other series, depending on which rumormonger is raking the muck.

Could a circa 2009 Ben Spies win MotoAmerica races? In his sleep, probably. Could 85% of a 2009 Ben Spies win MotoAmerica races? Yes. However not in his sleep.

Spies is only 33 years old.



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