Brembo: Ten Carbon Discs, Two Different Thumb Operated Brakes and Three Options For Wheels

lots of options depending on each riders “driving style”

Dean F Adams

Brembo Brakes for the 2018 MotoGP World Championship

All trends regarding the braking components of the premier bike racing series

Brembo brakes for all the MotoGP riders for the 2018 season, each rider with a personalized approach

DETROIT, (March 14, 2018) – For the third consecutive season 100 percent of MotoGP riders will rely on the high performance, reliability and safety levels guaranteed by Brembo components, including brake calipers, discs, brake master cylinders, friction master cylinders and pads.

From the introduction of the MotoGP series in 2002, all of the 278 GPs have been won by motorcycles using Brembo brakes. The winning in the premier bike racing category will continue as the last GP won in the 500 Class with a motorcycle without Brembo components was in 1995.

The leader in the production of braking systems continues its development of high-performance braking systems, with the goal of providing all riders maximized performance, optimized feedback and absolute safety. In addition, Brembo is focused on satisfying the requirements of the different teams, offering extensive brake system options, deriving from the optimization of the specific requests of the riders, their driving style, track features and race strategy.

Two types of aluminum calipers are available for the 2018 season (Light duty and Heavy duty) and for use with carbon pads (High Mass and Standard). Much more numerous are the options concerning brake discs, brake master cylinders and wheels.

With the same tire construction and profile as those run in 2017 , Brembo technicians, working closely with the teams, expect braking behaviour similar to last season.

Ten solutions for carbon brake discs

The majority of riders should choose discs with a diameter of 340 mm, dividing between High Mass and Standard (low mass). To ensure the same braking torque and obtain additional weight savings, Brembo has introduced Light discs that measure 340 mm diameter. Some teams instead will continue to use Standard and High Mass discs with a 320 mm diameter.

Furthermore, for each format of brake disc, there are two available pad options with different carbon compounds that provide different initial bite and resistance to high temperatures.

Overall there are ten different options available for riders in regard to the choice of brake discs.

After the result of the Japan Grand Prix last October, with the first nine riders finishing with motorbikes equipped with carbon discs despite the strong rain, more riders will choose not to use steel discs even in the wet.

Carbon ensures a triple advantage: reduction of unsprung weight, friction coefficient identical from the start to finish and absence of residual torque issues that can come with steel discs.

Two types of thumb master cylinder systems
Brembo offers teams two different types of brake master cylinders. The choice of master cylinder will allow them to adapt the braking to both the demands of the race track and to the individual demands of each rider – feel. In addition, each motorcycle features a remote adjuster, used by the rider with their left hand to vary the position of the brake lever even while lapping the circuit.

Brembo’s data shows that more than a one-third of MotoGP riders regularly uses the thumb master cylinder to fine tune braking. This technical solution, introduced by the Italian company in the 90s to support Mick Doohan, allows the activation of the rear brake by pressing a special lever placed on the left handlebar.

There are two variants of thumb master cylinder systems in use for the 2018 season. The most widespread features a unique thumb master cylinder and pedal, using a rear two piston caliper. The alternative, features two separate circuits, each of which acts on two of four pistons on the rear caliper. In the first option a system excludes the other, in the second they can act simultaneously.

Three options of Marchesini wheels
This year also sees Marchesini (Brembo group brand) forged magnesium wheels used by the majority of the riders competing in MotoGP. Seven-spoke Marchesini wheels are realized in three variants for the front and rear wheel: a lighter, but less stiff solution, another that is stiffer, but also heavier and one in the middle of the two options. The Marchesini wheels ensure weight savings,, favoring acceleration and handling during change of direction.

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