Brian Uchida Leaving Honda Today For Last Time

A younger Brian Uchida working on Martin Adams' famed RS-powered Twins bike.
A younger Brian Uchida working on Martin Adams’ famed RS-powered Twins bike. Brian J Nelson

If you work in racing then chances are you know Brian Uchida. He has worked at American Honda since the early 1980s  and spent over 20 years just in Honda’s race department before moving to another department.

Brian is retiring from American Honda today.

This is truly the end of an era as Brian Uchida is the last of the old American Honda race team to leave Honda. When he started his tenure at American Honda the team was using the ’79 RS1028 air-cooled Superbike and Todd Schuster was the team’s fabricator. Uchida was still on the team in 2008 when Neil Hodgson rode the CBR1000RR and Tom Jobe was the master fabricator.

Some of “BeeYou’s” old friends and workmates remember him this way:

“Talk about unsung heroes, never have I seen a more dedicated team member give so much unselfishly towards our racing effort as Brian. He’s one of a kind.”

Ray Blank

Executive VP of American Honda (retired)

“If anybody has lived and can recount the history of Honda’s motorcycle racing in America, it’s BU. He was entrenched in the racing department from the early 80’s to the present. Road Race. Flat Track. Off road. MX. SX. He had his hands in it all. From organizing parts, doing logistics, shagging tires or just sitting around at the end of the day shooting the bull, he was the most down to earth, amicable, unassuming guy you could ever want on your team. You wish now you had his Rolodex. Shobert, Rainey, Olgovie, Magee, Roberts, Duhamel, Stanton, JMB. I’m sure BU could dig out their number, call them to reminisce and be well received!”

Al Ludington

Former Honda crewchief

“Brian was always a calming force for the team, and was a huge part of my 1999 Daytona win because he had a camelback on his back and that water during my pit stops saved me.  Also, he always had great and funny stories.”

Miguel DuHamel


Uchida thinking through pit stop practice at Daytona. Dean Adams


A smile for the win: Uchida in victory circle at Road America. Dean Adams





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