Death Smoke! Morbidelli’s Engine Goes Boom.

Really, really not how a guy wants to start a season of MotoGP. Morbidelli’s Yamaha lays down a screen of “death smoke”. Phtoo Python Diego from MotoGP

It’s only the second race of the season and a Petronas Yamaha rider is already down an engine.

Franco Morbidelli’s Yamaha M1 engine expired in a very publicly ugly way in practice at Qatar. The way that the engine failed was obviously very serious as the bike spewed a cloud of “death smoke” as Morbidelli slowed down.

Yamaha was plagued by bad valves in 2020 MotoGP championship; and were later widely accused of cheating by other manufacturers.

MotoGP manufacturers are allowed seven engines per season per rider. Morbidelli is already using engine number three.

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