Dorna Decides that Yonny Hernandez Is The Best Rider To Replace Folger On Tech 3. Also: best teeth in racing.


Best teeth in racing. Bridge-eh-stone (Japanese pronunciation)

While ex MotoGP and Moto2 rider Yonny Hernendez probably wasn’t on any GP fan’s list of riders that should replace Jonas Folger on the Tech 3 MotoGP team, he seems to be on a list at Dorna’s HQ in Spain.

While there are an impressive swath of sponsor decals on the Tech 3 machines, their biggest sponsor isn’t listed: Dorna.

Dorna subsidizes nearly 60% of Tech 3’s budget and therefor can be an important voice in team decisions.

How does plucking a rider from obscurity to ride in MotoGP probably work? Hernandez is Colombian. He’s semi-local for the Argentina GP and will help fill seats on the track and off. He gets the ride.

If you want a water-cooler topic for today discuss how it is that an obscure and in some ways failed ex-Moto2 South American rider gets a top ride in MotoGP to support the Rio GP race yet Dorna has a long term contract with CoTA for the US MotoGP round and efforts by the sanctioning body to place an American rider in MotoGP are nil, at best. If your argument is that MotoA’ riders aren’t good enough consider that after he bailed on Moto2 last year Hernendez’s people were talking to MotoA about racing here in the USA.

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