Dovizioso Prefers Wingless Setup

One place that seems blind to aero’s advantages is dirt track. This wing experiment on an XR750 did not work out. Dean Adams

Hideous fairing wings were all the rage last season in MotoGP as teams looked to any appendage to gain more front downforce and cornering grip for easier turning. Ducati’s aero solution was probably the ugliest on the grid, its long wings becoming the pterodactyl of the paddock.

Thankfully exposed fairing wings were banned starting this season for safety reasons. And Ducati factory rider Andrea Dovizioso reported at Sepang that his Desmosedici GP 17 corners better without the wings than last year’s winged machine.

Still, Dovizioso wants Ducati to find even more grip in the turns, especially mid-corner. And he admits Ducati may develop some sort of covered turning vanes on its fairing like Yamaha unveiled last week at Sepang.

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