Ducati Prepares To Steel Themselves Against Fat-Shaming With New MotoGP Fairing

That faint sound you hear in the background is Craig Vetter laughing. Our friends at Ducati Corse

Ducati was the first Manufacturer to introduce the winglets on the MotoGP machine but it will be the last to show their new fairing on track.  the new fairing is in the team transporter at Qatar but it won’t be used at this test.

The aerodynamics studies developed by the Racing Department in Borgo Panigale run by Gigi Dall’Igna were then copied by all the other factory teams, included the Japanese Giant of Honda HRC, the same Honda that pushed inside the MSMA Commission to ban the wings in the name of safety.

“The current MotoGP machines are more dangerous without wings because they are less stable,” insisted Ducati racing boss Gigi Dall’Igna. “For the first time in the last test in Australia, we suffered a lot from the lack of wings. We also have to say that maybe we didn’t use a correct set up for that situations, but the test session was very important to understand our limits and takes the necessary measures. The data that we gathered  in Australia confirm that the lack of charge on the front is the main reason of the problems we are suffering.”

It’s not a mystery that Ducati, that has invested more than the other Manufacturers on aerodynamics, and has been the most penalized by the new rules.  

Yamaha, Suzuki and Aprilia have already tested the new fairings with integrated winglets. The final MotoGP pre-season test in Qatar could be the occasion to see the new wonder made in Borgo Panigale.

There is a lot of expectation for the Ducati new fairing that – according to the paddock rumors – should be very innovative. For this reason, both Dall’Igna and Dovizioso, stated at the Team Launch in January that they were going to develop the new fairing in private test.  At Borgo Panigale, they learned the lesson and this time they don’t want to be copied by the competitors.

“We brought the new fairing in Qatar for the final pre-season practice session”, confirmed Paolo Ciabatti, Ducati Corse Sporting Director, “at the moment it is not scheduled to test on day one or two. We will probably test on Sunday or in the next private test that will take place in Jerez after Qatar race. On March 28th, Michele Pirro, the test rider will go back on track. On the 29th it will be the turn of Lorenzo and Dovizioso”.

So if we won’t see the new fairing this weekend is very probable that Italian squad will take advantage of the two days of private tests scheduled  in Jerez between the first and second races.

“According to the new rules, we can only have  two fairings this season so we need to evaluate the situation carefully”, said Dall’Igna also at the Pramac Team Launch in Naples, “In Qatar we have to seal one fairing and at the beginning it’s possible also to sue the 2016 fairing without wings. We can introduce a second fairing throughout the season, but not necessary in Qatar”.
The trend could be to use two configurations according to the track characteristics: Qatar requires more a neutral aerodynamics so it’s possible that we won’t see the new fairing, while it’s likely that we will see the configuration with integrated wings on circuits like Jerez, Austin, Motegi or Red Bull Ring in Austria, where it’s important to limit wheelie.

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