Fan or Fanatics: Tracy Hagen’s T-Shirt Collection

While our dear friend Tracy didn’t wear t-shirts very often, he did manage to get one from each event he covered, no matter how garish they appeared.

American Roadracing–in some ways where began ..
Hagen traveled with Scott Russell to the Suzuka 8 Hours a few times. Russell’s ability to go days without sleep amazed Hagen. Famously Russell asked Hagen once “what is this jet lag they keep talkin’ about?’
The last Honda that Eddie Lawson raced. Suzuka 1993.
Period Yosh “slab side” 8 Hours bike
1991 Suzuka 8 Hours.
Malaysian Grand Prix ’92
1994 Suzuka 8 Hours
1992 Suzuka 8 Hours.
1990s Suzuka 8 Hours
Suzuka GP t-shirt and a pair of Rothmans mechanic gloves given to him by Jeremy Burgess.

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