Finally! Bruce Porter’s Contributions To Motorcycles & Racing Recognized By Hall of Fame

He would have one of the “calf sh*t yellow” jackets that are worn by the Trail Blazers …

In a right and just world Bruce Porter’s contributions to motorcycles, racing and motorcycle racers would be more widely recognized. He would have one of the “calf sh*t yellow” jackets that are worn by the Trail Blazers, he’d be in the AMA Hall of Fame and also be his own exhibit at the Barber Museum. Very few individuals made the sacrifices Porter has to help riders and racers; and he did so for the last 35 years. Because Bruce is a humble man perhaps his accomplishments are not as well known as they are for even less legendary people who seem to be in every hall of fame imaginable.

Also, let’s recognize that if Jay Leno puts on an off-the-shelf helmet, he looks like someone with advanced elephantiasis wearing a helmet. Leno admits this openly. However, somehow, with Porter’s deft touch, in terms of fitting a helmet correctly, he made Leno look nearly normal. This is no small feat.

Porter is a legend in motorcycle racing. While most associate his work with Arai helmets, Porter was also one of the pioneers of four-stroke motocross bikes (until he was put out of business by one of the OEMs). He is widely respected and admired.


Hot Shoe HOF


Thankfully, the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame has named Porter as one of its 2022 inductees. Congrats BP!

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