Former Laguna Seca CEO & USGP Savior Gill Campbell On King Kenny Roberts’ 70th Birthday

King Kenny – an inspiration in all things MotoGP! When I traveled to Barcelona to have my first face to face meeting with Dorna, in the bid to secure MotoGP for Laguna Seca, I met with Kenny to pick his brain. He had promoted MotoGP back in the 90’s and I thought he might have some insights for me. His first question was – “Why do you think YOU can do it?” My very non-political answer was – I’m a woman in motorsports – I’m used to fighting for the rights to promote events”. “OK”, says King Kenny – “go ahead and ask me your questions!”.

As we were both involved with Yamaha, we got to eat together a lot – I learned all the possible four letter words from him, at times useful!

Happy 60/10th Kenny!

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