Hayden: I Will Smile If It Rains

Nicky Hayden’s Indy MotoGP weekend has been a painful one. He’s down a bunch on top speed and at a track like Indy you can’t give up as much top end as he does every lap and hope for a respectable result.

You could have played him 30 minutes of Richard Prior’s best material yesterday and Hayden’s mood was such that he probably would not have cracked a smile.

He did, however, almost smile when the topic of it raining on race day at Indy was brought up.

“Well, rain might give us something,” Hayden said. “But our system, it’s not self-learning like the factory bikes so we’d have to make the best guess or educated guess and let it rip.”

It’s cloudy and humid at the Speedway this morning, with some areas of Indy calling for an eighty percent chance of rain. But ten minutes driving time north the chances drop to almost nothing.

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