More and More Images From Qatar MotoGP

The look on this man’s face reminds us of a man we once knew and what he said. “Which one you sumbitches gonna finish second?”. Gary Nixon. THE MARCO GUIDETTI
Davide Tardozzi Legend
Tardozzi. He has to not think like a rider while he is thinking about the riders and what they are thinking. It’s not fun.
The lighting at Qatar–like Laguna Seca when things run late. Lars Guidetti
Lorenzo still does not look completely comfortable on the Ducati and would like it to stop wheelying on acceleration. MARCO GUIDETTI
Marquez checks traffic in the pit lane. MG
The Top Gun jokes might be over soon.
Zarco! Marco !
Qatar’s amazing side-light makes for beautiful images. Marco!
Over two seconds off the pace, the KTM looks like a bad Superbike at this stage.
Folger: really fast and ready to shake things up at T3. Marco Guidetti
Mark his words: Rossi is always lost until race day. Marco Guidetti
“So much of riding the Ducati is remembering stuff.” –A Rider. Marco Gudetti
Classic Rossi Theater. Marco G
And you thought he was mad yesterday! Marco Guidetti
The fastest woman in racing. Marco G

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