Indy Mile Resurrection Happens This Weekend With AFT Races Friday and Saturday Night

Racing maestro Guy Coulon tries to explain his crew the Harley-Davidson XR750 at Indy.
Racing maestro Guy Coulon tries to explain to his crew the Harley-Davidson XR750 at Indy. “It has a certain horsepower ne sais.”
Dean Adams

One of the few good news entries in 2020 is that somehow, even though everyone said it was impossible as the track and the stands were demolished, that AFT has been able to bring back the Indy Mile. It’s all happening this weekend.

Presumably the track and the stands are still there.

It’s hard to over-state how epic cool the Indy Mile is to watch. Television doesn’t really do it justice; especially if you have seen it previously with your own eyes, first person. The race is run at night, under fairground lights and the action is part Top Fuel dragster, part county fair truck pull with an injection of deep Midwest Americana.

If you need outside validation to convince you that the Indy Mile is worth attending know that when the IMS MotoGP and the Indy Mile coincided on the same weekend nearly every MotoGP rider you can name attended the race: Rossi, Marquez, Espargaró etc etc. Rossi liked the race so much and found so much coolness in it that he purchased several Harley-Davidson XR750s. One is on display in his office, while its said that there is another in a shed somewhere on Ranch White Sand.

As with most outdoor events there are limited spectator tickets available for the races. The AFT web site is still selling tickets as of this morning.

The weather forecast for the weekend in Indy looks decent, better Friday night than Saturday.





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