Indy MotoGP: Future Cloudy

Yesterday was a ironic day at Indy’s MotoGP race. The two popular topics of conversation, seemingly no matter where one went were:

1. How many spectators were here. That Friday looked like the Sunday crowd in 2014. That Saturday was even better.

2. That due to new developments, this may very well be the last MotoGP at Indy. There is not any official word as yet, but sources suggest that either Dorna has decided that only one MotoGP race in America works best for them, and maybe what Indy needs is a World Superbike event, or that Indy feels with no American riders in the championship that this event won’t play in the heartland.

The future of the Indy MotoGP seems to be as cloudy as the race day sky.

We await official word.

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