It’s Mees vs Marquez In Barca Again


  • On Saturday December 12th the MotoGP stars will return to the Palau Sant Jordi to dispute the third edition of the Superprestigio Dirt Track
  • 6 world champions riders have already confirmed their participation
  • The Event will be the tiebreaker between Europe and America, with a victory for each continent, in Barcelona
  • Tickets on sale now in

Barcelona, July 17th 2015. The Superprestigio Dirt Track 2015 is gearing up. The third edition will definitely consolidate this event as the true “Champions Race” of the motorcycle and in a specialty as spectacular as the dirt-track. The world champions of MotoGP, speedway, superbike, long track, enduro and other disciplines will again be measured to decide who is the best at skidding on a clay oval short track.

Six world champions have already confirmed their participation on December 12th at the Palau Sant Jordi: Marc Márquez, Alex Márquez, Julian Simon, Toni Elías, Tom Chareyre and Joonas Kylmäkorpi. To these last ones we must add the best American spets -the champions of the AMA Grand National Flat Track of the past three seasons, Jared Mees and Brad Baker- also the 2015 champion, yet to be decided. The excitement and entertainment are once again guaranteed.

In the last edition of the Superprestigio Dirt Track, Marc Márquez imposed himself ahead of the American Jared Mees, tying the scoreboard of clashes between Europe and America. Brad Baker’s injury during the training prior to the race prevented to witness the reissue of the great duel that Baker had with Márquez in the first Superprestigio, and which was then decided in favor of the rider from Washington State. After the victory of Márquez last December, the tie-breaker promises to be electrifying.

Tickets on sale!

Tickets for the Superprestigio Dirt Track 2015 are already on sale at, starting at 25 euros. Fans between 4 to 12 years of age have a rebate of 5 euros, while children under 4 years enter for free.

The riders comments:

Marc Márquez:

“The third edition of the Superprestigio confirms that the previous ones were a success. I think the dirt-track has already ceased to be a stranger in our country and that more and more people are interested and practice the sport.

I really want to have fun again on the track of the Palau Sant Jordi. The first edition was unforgettable, but I could not win because of a fall. Last year I won, but I felt bad that Brad Baker could not compete after his injury during the training. I hope that in this third edition we can have Baker, Mees and I at the final and that the public gets to enjoy again the best dirt-track”.

Jared Mees:

“I am very excited about my trip to Spain to repeat the experience of the Superprestigio Dirt Track. I had a great time last year with my team and of course in my confrontation with Marc Márquez. I was very close to the victory … and I’m decided to go for it in December! Thank you RPM Racing for the invitation. The atmosphere and the Superprestigio races are amazing!”

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