From ’15: Joe Roberts & The Power of Chocolate Choco Chimps

Eighteen years old and ready for ... 'a bigger bike'. He is Joe Roberts.
Eighteen years old and ready for … ‘a bigger bike’. He is Joe Roberts. Brian J Nelson

Joe Roberts is 18 years old.

Joe Roberts won the MotoAmerica 600 Superstock race today at Laguna Seca.

Joe Roberts has won nine MotoAmerica 600 Superstock races this season.

Joe Roberts rides for Ameen Sajjadi’s Meen Motorsports team.

Joe Roberts sealed up the MotoAmerica 600 Superstock championship today at Laguna Seca.

Joe Roberts, for breakfast, ate a bowl of Chocolate Choco Chimps from Whole Foods. And a protein shake.

Joe Roberts is a tall drink of water. He stands about five foot eleven inches tall.

Joe Roberts has several brothers. They are also not height restricted.

Joe Roberts estimates that he has grown four or five inches in the last two years. He grew so fast that his knees ached.

Joe Roberts had almond milk with his Chocolate Choco Chimps cereal this morning.

Joe Roberts, when he rides, can be seen seemingly trying to unfold his long legs and body in an attempt to get more comfortable on the bike.

Joe Roberts’ parents are British. He was born in the USA.

Joe Roberts rides, occasionally, with Eddie Lawson.

Joe Roberts’ fellow competitors feel that his long legs and height are an advantage because it allows him to lean his motorcycle over further in corners.

Joe Roberts said that he didn’t fully realize that he’d won the MotoA’ Superstock championship today until he saw his team, all with large smiles, waiting for him by the Laguna Seca podium. “Wait …”

Joe Roberts, together with a younger and an older brother, are in a band.

Joe Roberts and his brothers’ band is called Red Tambourine. They play alternative rock.

Joe Roberts struggled in 2014 but doesn’t seem to hold any grudges or feel the season was indicative of anything other than a difficult year of racing.

Joe Roberts qualified on the pole for Laguna Seca’s MotoA’ Superstock race.

Joe Roberts doesn’t really feel that he is a new generation of an earthy, funny and entertaining Bostrom brother. Mostly because he doesn’t really think that way.

Joe Roberts speaks with a refreshing honesty, intelligence, clarity, humor and mindfulness. When the corporate filters get him in their grasp and make him talk like a sponsor-thanking Play-Dough press it will be a sad thing.

Joe Roberts was about a half a second faster in qualifying than any other competitors in the MotoAmerica 600 Superstock class.

Joe Roberts won’t be in MotoAmerica 600 Superstock next year.

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