Lorenzo: It’s About The Money

Former two time MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo continues to negotiate with Yamaha for a new contract but says that the current sticking point between the two is “economic”. Meaning Lorenzo’s salary demands are the issue.

From the outside it’s easy to empathize with either party.

Lorenzo is, even with his cursed current season, one of the best riders in the world. He deserves to get market value for his services.

For Yamaha, the fairing panels of the ’14 M1 are now filled with sponsorship logos from major companies including Movistar. This after several lean years where Yamaha Japan was in all probability paying for the majority of the factory race effort. Yamaha is probably in “recoup” mode and wants to spend wisely.

Thus is the impasse.

And Lorenzo’s rumored move to Honda to team with Marc Marquez? It remains as sketchy as ever but Honda has already suggested that they spent the rider salary budget and more on Marc Marquez’s new contract–so whoever the second rider is in 2015–Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Bradl, etc– he’ll have to accept a lower salary.

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