Marc Marquez vs Jorge Lorenzo in 2019. All You Need To Remember Is Aragon

Aragon GP 2018. Lorenzo drills one of his beautiful holeshots from pole, and is doing a perfect arc through turn one. Everything is going swimmingly for Lorenzo … right up until the time a guy who won’t lay down for anyone decides to a good place to pivot is right in front of Lorenzo’s perfect arc. Lorenzo finishes his race a few feet later with his Ducati giving him a thumping while they both slide on the ground.

While the team has changed for Lorenzo, not much else has since last season. Lorenzo is a very precise rider who never left the lines he learned on a 250 behind him.

Conversely, Marc Marquez is a fighter who won’t allow himself to lose any rounds.

Now they are teammates.

It’ll be decent entertainment if nothing else. If Lorenzo can get in front of Marquez and stay there–not letting the reigning MotoGP champ draw him into a bloody battle of contrasting styles–he should do very well.

And if Lorenzo gets drawn into a Marquez on-track saloon fight, then he should glue a plastic dashboard Jesus on his Honda and hope for the best.



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