In No Mood to Talk

Epic t-shirt …

The corner worker in this shot was well intentioned, but from the look of things Jimmy Filice was in no mood to talk after crashing out of the lead of the Daytona International Lightweight (250) race in 1982.
Also, note the now priceless Yoshimura East t-shirt. Pope Merkel

Californian Jimmy Filice was heavily favored to win the Daytona International Lightweight race in 1982 against a very solid field. He won the pole, but then crashed in oil or water while leading the race.

Here Filice is waking away dejected after the crash, visor torn halfway off. The corner worker has nothing but good intentions and is checking to make sure Filice is OK, but from the look of his body language, Filice was really in no mood to chitchat.
“Jimbo” had won just about all a rider could on 250GP machines, including the 250cc class at the USGP, when he finally broke through to take victory at the International Lightweight race at Daytona in 1993.

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