No MotoAmerica At CotA MotoGP Event In October?

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Imagine you have built a beautiful, brand new home.

It’s perfect for you in every way, built to your specs and you’ve been living in your dream palace for a few months. All is well, you can just about make the payment every month and there is much pride and contentment when you drink your morning coffee in the kitchen.

Then, out of the blue, the builder calls and says he has some time open and he can now move forward on building the dream garage the two of you discussed but you had to ice from the plans because it didn’t fit in the budget. Sure, some non-enthusiasts could just say no thanks and hang up, but … your dream garage … and now you can’t stop thinking about it. There’s no money left in the budget, you’re semi-perfectly happy with your standard two-car garage, or you were, anyway before this phone call.

This, sort of, is the dilemma now facing the MotoAmerica championship. They have a full 2021 championship schedule, all is well, contracts are signed and TV time is paid for and everyone has been racing and planning in such a way that the championship finishes at Barber Motorsports Course in mid-September.

Only, now, the CotA MotoGP race is back on the MotoGP schedule, the race will be held Sunday Oct 3. At the moment there is no word from CotA as to what might constitute the support classes for MotoGP.

The allure of MotoGP is undeniable, the exposure that it brings to the MotoAmerica series might be life-changing. American riders get to race in front of the MotoGP bosses and who knows what may happen? Plus, it is a huge, fun event packed with fans.

The thing is, though, the pragmatic viewpoint is that MotoAmerica already has a full championship. Can the teams afford to add on another big event at the tail end of the season? Is there TV time available?

The last time that MotoAmerica joined the MotoGP race at CotA only selected MotoA’ classes raced the event. Could the MotoA’ Superbike class join the MotoGP race? Will there be some kind of soul-crushing “Bagger” race at the Austin MotoGP? (Yes, there will)

Stay tuned. And try not to think about your dream garage.

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