Nobby Clark: Mechanical Knight Templar of Racing. RIP

Rhodesian Nobby Clark, who worked with GP riders from Mike Hailwood to Kenny Roberts, passed away today after a long illness. Clark was born in South Africa but spent the last few decades working and living in New York. Clark was a tireless mechanic but ingrained himself into a long list of racing families by being able to spin wrenches, informally tutor kids and change the odd diaper. Clark knew Mr. Honda, and once said he had slept in race garages all over the world. 

Nobby wasn’t much of a racing romantic. After he’d seen and worked with Hailwood, who could do the business in a humble and unpretentious way, he found Agostini boorish; and while he respected Roberts he said Kenny had as much luck as he did talent.

Clark was 81 and struggling both physically and financially with cancer when he died. 

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