Politics zzzzzzz ….

Funnels (thanks, Ben Cheatwood) not included. 12 cents not included. Licorice not included. Scissors not included. Dean's Work Bench


Yes, we have been there. You’re a happy and supportive enthusiast of a motojournalist or photographer, reading their stuff regularly and buying the occasional book or photo, not because you need another book or photo but to help with costs. Then, suddenly, they begin laying down their political views on social media and maybe you reply with your view, which are not in line with theirs. Response? You are a racist skin bag that deserves to die.

Also, it’s bad to be a proud American. It was tolerated when Nicky said it, or did it, but those days are very over if you listen to the some people.

Which leaves you thinking: Wasn’t this all originally about motorcycles and racing and to put a finer point on it, racing motorcycles?

So, anyway, we have made this decal which explains Soup’s take on politics. It is a near blatant rip-off of the old Car & Driver DAN GURNEY FOR PRESIDENT sticker and also an idea that FoS Evan Williams had for a sticker in something like 2000. It’s been our go-to response to any mention of politics in daily life.

Want some? We’ll be at Daytona (after a pit stop in OWB to stop by and see Nick). Or:  Follow the directions. This sticker is longer and will have to be folded in order to go in an envelope so you’ll have to deal with that.

Yes, it has been the winter of soup stickers.

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