Possibly The Coolest Bike At Laguna WSBK

Nick O'Kane's Suzuki TL1000-based streetbike.
Nick O’Kane’s Suzuki TL1000-based streetbike. Dean Adams

Taste is a difficult thing to quantify, but when you see a Doohan/Gardner replica RC45 at a stoplight at 7:00 AM, you know that Laguna WSBK means the weekend will be a special treat for a bike nut. From the paddock to the vendor area to the spectator parking there are hundreds, if not thousands, of very nice, rare or well-cared for motorcycles here this weekend at Laguna, and sure to be even more on Cannery Row tonight.

Yet, possibly the coolest bike here, a truly special motorcycle, sits not on pit lane but under the K&N tent on vendor island.

Nick O’Kane’s business card suggests that his job is that of a Powersports Business Manager at K&N. However, after looking, lusting for, the motorcycle he built it might be more accurate to say that O’Kane is an artist, a motorcycle building artist.

O’Kane has his Suzuki TL1000 here this weekend.

Words almost fail when trying to describe O’Kane’s motorcycle. It is a massively beautiful machine, retaining many stock parts. What it is might be almost less important than what it is not. He did not follow current trends and cut the front fender off on it, mount knobbies and a picnic table-like seat. His bike is as understated as it is beautiful.

If you’re here at Laguna Seca, or are on your way, a trip to vendor row to check out the blue motorcycle under the K& N tent is advised.

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