Pretty Good Crowd For A Saturday

But Is This the Last Indy MotoGP Race?

It’s a beautiful Indianapolis day here at the Speedway. Traffic was backed up for blocks at the main entrance to the track at 9:00 AM and fans continue to stream in.

After a hurricane and other teething problems over the years–Mr. Crankenfuss Stoner said once that Indy should not be on the MotoGP schedule–the 2014 event was the one where it seemed like Indy had found a strong MotoGP base to build from. Dorna and Indy announced a multi-year agreement last year.

However rumors, as they seem to every year at Indy, suggest the future of the MotoGP event at Indy is now in peril.

Indy is an iconic American track. Historically, Indy has always pushed American riders in the MotoGP championship. Thanks to Jim France and his pals, there really aren’t going to be any up and coming American riders ready to take the place of the MotoGP legend Nicky Hayden, who may very well be racing in another series next year. No American riders in MotoGP in 2016 is a distinct possibility.

No American riders in the top class is a problem for Indy. Will it impact the 2016 event? Stay tuned.

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