RIP: Master Fabricator Todd Schuster

Schuster (in hat) during the early 1980s at Team Honda. Bob Bauer


Todd Schuster passed away this morning in New Jersey. Schuster had been suffering health issues due to diabetes for 15 years or more.

Schuster was a master fabricator and perhaps one of the most colorful figures in AMA Superbike history; so colorful that you still hear recounting of  “Todd stories” in 2019. He drove a hemi-powered van, that he designed and built, with a complete custom trellis frame underneath it and the dog house (engine cover inside the van) made from old cast off Harley-Davidson tanks. Someone once said that Schuster could weld glass to metal and while he might not be able to perform that, anyone who knew him didn’t doubt his ability to build anything. “Beyond brilliant” was how one man who knew him described Schuster.

Schuster was instrumental in the early Superbike days of BMW and American Honda in AMA racing.


Todd’s “war wagon” from his funeral service. It was parked in front of the funeral home. Enzo




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