Roberts’ First Sponsor & Friend Bud Aksland On King Kenny Roberts’ 70th Birthday

It was more than a guy from Manteca, California could have ever dreamed of.

Dean Adams

Happy Birthday Kenny!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your amazing career. The first time I saw you ride I knew you were special. You never quit. You never let up. Going to Europe to tracks you had not seen, on tires from a company with no experience and coming back a World Champion says it all. You don’t quit. You rode injured and didn’t quit. Your bikes were usually not the best, but you won on them regardless.

Thanks for having me around. And for having faith in me. It means a lot. I got to go places I never thought I would and be a part of World Championship racing. And I got to see Wayne, Kevin Schwantz and Mick Doohan battle it out in what was the most competitive era in motorcycle racing. I feel blessed to be a part of Wayne and John Kocinski’s World Championships.

Because of you, I got to work with and learn from some really great people: Tim Witham, Shell Thuett, Kel Carruthers and C.R. Axtell. Not to mention the engineers from Yamaha and all the guys on Team Roberts. A very talented bunch.

It was more than a guy from Manteca, California could have ever dreamed of.

So you got to 70 and you’re still pushing and building stuff that nobody would even think of. I’m not sure if most people would know that you are a talented fabricator as well. You always amaze.

Hang in there Kenny. You’re one of a kind. And that’s a good thing. Keep pushing.

Happy Birthday

Love you


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