Rossi: Call Me A Purist But I Just Don’t Want To Ride A Glorified Flashlight

How will Rossi's fans react to his distaste for battery bikes?
How will Rossi’s fans react to his distaste for battery bikes? Gee-Gee Inc


It’s probably both a generational thing and also a dilemma that riders from Valentino Rossi’s era won’t have to really concern themselves with, but uber-rider Rossi has confessed in a recent interview that he can’t really find any enthusiasm for electric motorcycles. A known two-stroke head, Rossi said that, to him, electric motorcycles are something he can find no passion for, and riding silently along on a “motorbike” isn’t anything he wants to do. Any other rider who suggested they would rather not ride than ride “the future” would probably be hivemind lynched but Rossi’s frank words have added a fresh voice to the conversation.

Rossi’s personal collection of motorcycles are probably of the same herd any real motorbike head who won the lottery would assemble: several Harley-Davidson XR750s, an NSR500, YZR500, a pile of Supermoto and dirt track motorcycles and the like.



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